Look out Soph!

We heard a rumor that you're going to be left by yourself on a Yosemite mountain top for your birthday this year.

He he, just kidding, that would be too mean to abandon a girl as sweet as Sophie on her birthday!

Have a great adventure, happy birthday!


Look out for the return of an OLD Paddlefish! :)

See the note from Rich Smith:

I hope I am not jinxing myself but I have plans to return to Pittsburgh on July 13th. I have given notice at my apartment and received approval from my customer FDLE. I will still be managing the project, just from Pittsburgh. I plan on loading a rental truck on the 12th of July and driving home on the 13th.

I want to get active with the Pfish when I get home for a number of reasons. First, I have truly missed everyone and I am anxious to see my old, and soon to be new, friends. Second, I am going to plan for my knee replacement for September and want every opportunity to be in somewhat decent shape to expedite my recovery. I figure some good Pfish workouts will help me along that path.

We promise to get you in shape!


Congratulations Graduate!

One of the newest Paddlefish,
is one of CMU's newest MBA grads.

Congratulations Shing!

You worked very hard,
and you deserve to be recognized with a better photo than this digitally altered image. So I will replace it as soon as Sophie sends me one :)

But in the meantime, school's done, live it up!!


Here's to Jim Robertson,

He steers with one lens,
he keeps us equipped,
and he's the birthday boy of the day!

Have a great birthday Jim


Paddle cheers go out to....

Everyone who helped to make the Paddlefish Party
at the Shadow Lounge a success!

Yinz know who you are: the friends and fam who celebrated with us ** the individuals and businesses who donated goods and services ** the culinary geniuses who kept us well-fed. This event wouldn't have been possible without the generosity of the Shadow Lounge and the creativity and resourcefulness of party planner Rissa Witul! Thank you for taking the Paddlefish women one step closer to Penang, Malaysia!


Shadow Lounge * Sat May 3rd * 6-9 PM

Be there for the Paddlefish party!
$15 at the door gets you food, dancing, and the opportunity to meet the 2007 Premier Women Eastern Regional Dragon Boat Champions (if you buy them drinks, they might even sign autographs!)

100% of the proceeds from this event support the lady paddlers and their upcoming race in Penang, Malaysia. Party-goers will have a chance to bid on auction items from generous contributers such as the Pittsburgh Steelers, Palate Bistro, the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, the Renaissance Hotel, Eyetique, Le Pommier, The Center 5840 and many others.

The Shadow Lounge is at 5972 Baum Blvd
See ya there!