Share and Share Alike

Got any great photos of Paddlefish in action (or inaction... like this picture of Dick at Moraine)?

Help us gather our team's visual history in one place: our group photo pool at Flickr. Flickr accounts are free.

If you're new to Flickr, this Wikipedia article will give you an idea of what it's all about.

Already a Flickr member? Great! Just use the "Send to Group" feature to contribute your photos to the Pittsburgh Paddlefish Dragon Boat Team group photo pool. Please provide a caption and/or tags*, to provide some context for the photos.

Happy photo sharing!

*Tags are like keywords that help Flickr users find photos which have something in common. Feel free to invent your own tags. I'm studying folksonomies these days in library school... and will be interested to see how our photo pool develops!


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