South America photos

I'm back from Argentina! If you want to see photos and read tales, I have every delicious moment recorded in my travel blog.

I thought of my paddlefish amigos many, many times...especially as I paddled down the River Mendoza. You would have loved it!


Blogger Sarah said...

Great photos and fun narrative, thanks for sharing!

10:14 AM, February 26, 2007  
Blogger Kit said...

Your trip sounds fabulous! Maybe we can talk the P&G Diner cooks into some dulce de leche pancakes?

10:26 AM, February 26, 2007  
Anonymous Nat said...

Color me green with envy! Looks like it was a great trip--with just the right mix of relaxation, sightseeing, outdoorsy fun, and *ahem* partying.

9:37 AM, February 27, 2007  

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