Them crazy ergs...

So it's late February, you've seen the ice begin to crack and melt on the surface of the Allegheny, you're itching to get back in the boat, back on the water. But then, you wonder, how do I show to the world that I spent all of that grueling time indoors over the winter, slaving away on the ergs just to pull my 500 m split down by one second...

The answer, of course, is the ERDBA indoors in NYC next month. A great chance to give one last "hurrah!" to the paddle ergs - a great chance to get up close with some of your Eastern Seaboard Dragon Boat heroes... (ummmm.... not sure about that one, but the event is in a particularly small gym, forcing you to interact with all of those butt-sore, over-erged dragon boaters from other teams) and a great chance to prove to yourself what you're capable of before we bust a collective liver with all 20 of us in a boat.

So, this March,
adopt an erg needs your help, participate in the Indoors and give it that final lease of life it was dreaming of :)

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