Ben is Leaving

At the meeting on Tuesday I announced my plans to move to Asheville, NC after the Pittsburgh festival in June. I have been thinking about moving on for years now and have struggled to find a time that is appropriate. I will be enjoying a plethora of white water rivers and streams and one of the biggest kayaking scenes in the country.

All things considered I think the team is in a good position now to continue to dominate the city and soon the world. I will never forget these past 5 years of Paddlefish and pre-fish and all of the great people who are and have been on the team.

The steering committee will be meeting soon to discuss what to do when I leave.

Thanks to everyone for making this team fun.



Blogger Jonathan said...

Dude, I already have a sore patch from missing you, and I'm pretty certain it's not on my butt...

You realize, of course, that the team is relocating to Ashville when you move???


Good luck!

9:17 AM, February 23, 2007  
Blogger Kit said...

Asheville's a lucky town!

We'll miss you, Ben. Thanks for helping us reach this point!

9:22 AM, February 23, 2007  

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