Team Pittsburgh

On Wednesday January 17, 2007 7:00 PM CC’s Café in Sharpsburg (2218 Main Street, 15215) there will be an initial meeting to discuss Team Pittsburgh. All interested paddlers should attend - attendance is not mandatory for participation.

The purpose of Team Pittsburgh is to develop a highly visible community racing team for competition in national level race events such as Philadelphia Independence Race, North American Club Crew, U.S. Nationals, and like races and festivals. Team Pittsburgh is expressly intended to participate in the inaugural Philadelphia Independence race in 2007.

Futher, the team is established to be a seperate but cooperative entity than/with Pfish, TRRA and SCDBA.
Coaching will be by Ben Ledewitz as the lead coach. Larry Wentzel will serve as the assistant coach. Coaching service is strictly voluntary.

Team Composition
* Founding Team Pittsburgh members must be a member in good standing of one or more of the SCDBA Steel City Dragons or TRRA Pittsburgh Paddlefish.
* The team composition will be roughly split between qualifying members of the Steel City Dragons and the Pittsburgh Paddlefish.
* The team will be a premier mixed team and will be composed of a minimum eight female and a maximum twelve male paddlers plus alternates, drummer, and steersperson.

Team Pittsburgh is established pursuant to the agreement between Ben Ledewitz, Coach, TRRA – Pittsburgh Paddlefish and Larry Wentzel, Head Coach, SCDBA Steel City Dragons Dragon-Boat Racing Team made on January 3, 2007.


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