Toronto Dragon Boat Festival – June 24th and 25th

Early Action Recommendations

In preparation for our trip to Toronto please ensure you are prepared for International Travel, especially given the heightened sensitivity to Homeland Security.

  1. It is highly recommended you travel to Toronto with a current US Passport. This will lessen hassles that might occur upon re-entry to the United States. Since it takes weeks to renew or obtain a Passport please take action on this now. If you need suggestions of places to go for photos and such ask other Pfish. I know Karyn mentioned a location at the Team Meeting but I cannot remember what she suggested.
  2. (from the Paddlefish Blog Archives, thanks to Kathi and Bob) -- Bob just reminded me that in the magazine that Erie Insurance puts out, they recommend that you get an International Insurance card (Provincial Inter Porvence Proof of Insurance Card) of some sort. It is sent from your insurance company, it is free and usually sent quickly. You do need to know which vehicle you plan to take--for most that is not an issue, but if we were undecided, I guess they'd send us one for each. We call our agent, and, like I said, it appears a day or two later. Pam is planning a trip to Canada and read about it in the AAA book about crossing the border. It probably just makes things easier if there is an accident, God forbid.

Toronto Lodging

A block of rooms is being held at the Days Inn – Toronto East Lakeview. The block of rooms is being held in the name of Paddlefish (or Richard Smith if they are confused). Information about this hotel can be viewed at Days Inn Toronto. The rates for the rooms are:

  • $89.99 Canadian plus tax for 2 people.
  • $10.00 Canadian plus tax for each extra person.
  • The actual US Dollar amount is unknown since it will be based on the exchange rates at that time. For information only today the US Dollar is around 86% of the Canadian Dollar.

All reservations must be completed by May 31st. Days Inn phone number is 416-261-8100.

MapQuest Directions to Hotel

Google Map for Hotel Location


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