Winter "Fun"

Even though our racing season ended with our festival in September, there are still plenty of opportunities to compete this winter.

Central Catholic Biathlon: December 10th Each year the Central Catholic Crew coach Jay Hammond puts on this event at the Washingtons Landing Boathouse. Its an erg piece and then a run/walk down to the stadiums and back. Its a small event and something you can choose to do for fun or to win. Veterans of the race include Ada, Jen, Stefani, Mina, and Rachel. If you want to know details contact Ben or ask one of these ladies.

Concept II Holiday Challenge: Thanksgiving - Christmas Heres your chance to spend lots of time on the erg and getting in shape. My dad does this challenge every year. Last year it really helped him get into erging and eventually do well in the Indoor Rowing Championships. You can choose to either row 100,000 M or 200,000 M between Thanksgiving and Christmas. If you complete the challege there are prizes, although, your have to buy them. Theres a pin, a t shirt, and sweatshirt you can buy that advertise your success in the challenge. Sign up today!

Indoor Paddling Regatta: Late March If you love the paddling ergs, this a is a great one to try. Its held in New York City every year. Some choose to take time off of work to drive up or fly. Every year the Paddlefish send up a group of people who always do amazingly well.

Pittsburgh Indoor Rowing Championships (Erg Sprints): February 4th This is a TRRA sponsored event held at North Catholic High School. This event is probably the most popular with the Paddlefish. Those who do well here can qualify to go to the CRASH-B World Sprints in Boston.

*If your interested in seeing how much you erg over the season and how your times have improved go to http://www.concept2.com/sranking03/log_start.asp to set up your own log of your times and distances on the ergs. You can also see other rowers logs to compare times. Robert Spenger in California is 81 years old and can complete a 2000 M race in 08:06.9. Half the High School Crew Teams arent even that good!


Blogger lisa said...

Actually you do not have to qualify to enter Crash B erg races. It is open registration (but usually overbooked). Concept 2 however runs a challenge and will pay expenses for people who make the qualifying time in different categories in the local races. So if you fancy a trip to Boston go for it!

9:03 AM, December 05, 2005  

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