Red Fin Blues Reminder

On Monday, post-Festival, we paddle over to Red Fin Blues for a drink. Please bring some money for a beer or soda (and/or appetizers, if you're going to be hungry!) and try to get there a little early. We'll need to launch the boats as close to 6:30 PM as possible in order to get out of the RFB docks by nightfall.


Blogger Kit said...

Oops -- occurred to me that new folks might not know this: we will launch from our regular Millvale site, paddle around the island, dock on the other side of the island, and clamber up the rigging to the Red Fin Blues patio. (OK, just kidding about the rigging.)

Then we paddle back to Millvale -- very, very smoothly. So come to the regular practice place, but just try to get there a few minutes early so we can get in the boats ASAP.

3:42 PM, September 13, 2005  
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