Thurs, Sept 8:
Warm up to bridge
5 x 200m going down river, use the return lap as rest
90% - 70 SPM, focus is on timing at high rate and reach/catch at high rate
(I suggest eyeballing a 200 based on the 250 mark between the footbridge and 31st as there will be high school traffic near the docks)
Warm down to the footbridge and back unless at the footbridge then go back via the river side of the island (looking for 10-15' warm down) limit the drills, mostly easy paddling focus on timing.

Sat, Sept 10:
Land warm up & model race warm up (less than 5 min on water before starting workout, must have heart rates up to 160-170)
5 x 2’, rest 2’
70% - 65 SPM
Model the race plan each piece, (start, down to 80%, build to finish)
Warm down 15 min

See you men on Sunday 9:30 (pregame warm up via dragon boat).
Monday is a longer recovery session

To all:
We have just over a week. Technique has improved a lot this season as has our power. The time for adjusting technique is over, we must fine tune what we have and go hard. In your spare time or while laying in bed at night picture the start, middle and end of your race. Prepare mentaly for what will be an exciting yet tiring race day.


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