Notes from Team Meeting

Here are skeletal notes from last night's meeting: please (pretty please) feel free to flesh these out with your own notes/recollections.

Scholarship system: We approved the proposal to have a consistent scholarship system, to be evaluated annually in April to determine if the system continues to fit the budget and the team composition.

PFDs: A significant proportion of the team would like to own their own blue team PFDs. We will look into whether we can get a group rate for one of the higher end models (perhaps from Excursions or SCD's vendor). Once number of personally-owned PFDs is determined, we will purchase a set of team-owned PFDs for race use by anyone who doesn't want to own his or her own. Next steps: get quotes from PFD vendors for group purchase; get quotes from printer for logo imprinting on 25-30 PFDs.

Fundraising: Basic pitch/approach to finding sponsors reviewed. Specific proposal to hold fundraising party in conjunction with both the Open Paddle that would normally follow DBL2 plus the Donors' Picnic promised to follow the return of the Berlin paddlers (i.e. combine both into one event and use as fundraising opportunity through raffles). Date: August 20, 2005, proposed time = late afternoon/early evening. Big challenge, equally big opportunity. Decision was to go forward with this with a reality check scheduled for Saturday -- (1) everyone asked to send specific suggestions to Jack on raffle possibilities (three or four things you specifically are willing/able to ask for or offer yourself); (2) Jack will ask a couple of people to focus efforts this week on identifying committed donors for things like food/bevs/facilities.

In short, the decision to have a party on the 20th is a Definite Yes. The decision on what kind of party that will be will be determined on Saturday.


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