Reminder: Team Meeting and Photographer

Reminder 1: The Post-Gazette photographer is scheduled to come to practice tonight at 6:30 to get some shots of Stef, Lisa, Judy, and Jw in action. We may need to be flexible with our regular routine in order to accomodate the photog -- for instance, if he or she wants to get shots of the women paddling right away, we might have to get the boat down (and the head and tail on) before we do our aerobic stretches. We'll have to play it by (dragon) ear....

Reminder 2: Team meeting after practice -- this meeting will adjourn at 9 PM, no matter where we are in the agenda. Agenda items include (a) system for using scholarship funds; (b) system for getting team PFDs; (c) fundraising strategy; and (d) any new business. Jack's discussion of fundraising strategy will include the Big Picture approach, making sure we're all on board with that, and a plan for the Celebration Party/Fundraising Party on August 20th.


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