The Lottie

The Lottie McAlice is on for Saturday morning, August 13th (~8 AM till noon), Washington's Landing. This is a laid-back, old-school, have-some-fun-on-the-rivers regatta, with a lunch for participants and friends held afterwards.

The dragon boat races will run in between the rowing races (or the rowing races will run in between the d'boat races, depending on your perspective!). The 500M course will run from about Red Fin Blues down to the tip of the island; spectators can stand on the observation deck there to cheer the finish.

More details are forthcoming, but mark your calendars now!


Blogger Ben said...

the rowers are racing from wire to wire (about 1500 - 2000m) and are submitting times to be seated for good races - Maybe on Saturday we can get a time for the distance and race some rowers of equal speed - seperate or in addition to the 500m.

12:29 PM, July 20, 2005  
Blogger Kit said...

Register online for the Lottie at http://www.cmiregistration.com/user/org/program.jxp?org=198&id=36642&refresh=1121869226553 .

8:24 AM, July 22, 2005  

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