Commitment to Race on the 23rd

Just a quick reminder that if you have not yet done so you need to let Chuck know now whether or not you can race in the festival on the 23rd.



Blogger Kit said...

Here's the most recent list of commitments (and preferred sides). Please post with any changes/updates.


Ada yes (right)
Kit yes (left)
Rachel yes (left)
Laurie yes (left)
Stefani ??
Judy D. yes (left/right)
Chris ??
Susan no
Carolyn yes (right)
Mina yes (left?)
Pauline ??
Jack ??
Lisa yes (right)
Ben ??
Judith L. yes (right?)
Jordan yes (left)
Charles yes (left/right)
Lori M. yes (right)
Joyce ??
Dick yes (right)
Verna ??
Kathi yes (right)
Lori S. yes (right)
Kate yes (left)
Diana yes (right)
Bob yes (right?)
Mike ??
Jen yes (right?)

12:50 PM, October 15, 2004  

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