Save the date!
November 8th
Costumes required
Pamela's afterward


You have a solid 7 weeks...

to train for the Central Catholic Biathlon
Saturday, December 13th

Save the date, and get ready for a sweaty erg and snowy run

Curious? Ask some race veterans like Mina, Ada, and Carolyn. Last year 6 Pfish participated, can we top that this year?


Chill out

Just wanted to share this article with you all. Although it cites swimming and running, it's probably very applicable to paddling as well.

From New York Times
| October 2, 2008
Personal Best: Before Hustling to Finish, Relaxed Is a Good Way to Start
Trainers and coaches say relaxation is crucial to a strong performance, and tension only serves to diminish an athlete's performance.


Pics from Friday night at Carolyn F's

Big thanks to Carolyn F for hosting us at her lovely new home, and to Carolyn N for the photos!


PFish birthday party- Friday Oct 10, 7p.m.

@ Carolyn Freemans house

5202 Butler Street, 2nd floor PGH 15201

Paddlefish born in the months of August, September and October include Dick, Rissa, Kathi R-D, Judy D, Rachel, Judy R, Stef, Joanne, and Sondra.

Big thanks to Carolyn Freeman for hosting us at her new home!


Live from New York!

Hey all! If you are wondering what I am up to all the way up in Clinton, NY, check out my blog on the Hamilton website: http://www.hamilton.edu/admission/journals/home.cfm
I miss everyone so much and was so surprised to get a call from Jonathan a few nights ago. I hope everyone is enjoying the last few nights on the river!


Our fearless flotilla crew

I wasn't there, but I heard our Paddlefish proudly represented non-motorized boats at Saturday's flotilla. Way to go! Thanks to Kathy RD for the photo

You guys also looked great on your Good Morning America debut on Friday. I was watching from CA! It's not every morning you get to do a paddle cheer on live national TV. Hip-hip-horay!


Even if it's just for a short visit. Jonathan surprised the Paddlefish by showing up for practice on Monday night. It was certainly good to see him and to have him yelling commands from the back of the boat, even if we can't understand him with that accent of his.


The Paddlefish and damper babies....

Wish Stef a happy birthday on Friday!
Have a great one!!


This weekend...

Paddlefish, this weekend is your chance to celebrate our city's birthday in a dragon boat. Grab your paddle and PFD!

FRIDAY 10/3: Good Morning America broadcasts from a dragon boat, see your email for more info. Let's fill the boat! Contact Claire at oldlooknewstyle@hotmail.com to participate.

SATURDAY 10/4: Flotilla- Please meet at Millvale at 8 am. We'll paddle down to the Science Center and over to the Point. We'll head back from the Point at 11:30 am. Remember to bring a couple of drinks and snacks.