Only 2 more weeks of outside evening paddles...

Per our PICL:
Starting the second week in October, we will have to be inside. The sun sets before 6:30 by then.

Starting October 13th we will go to Monday, Thursday, Saturday practices.

Mondays-7:00 pm,
Washington's Landing Boathouse
Thursdays-6:30 pm, Washington's Landing Boathouse
Saturdays -9:00 am, Millvale


HOTO (Head of the Ohio)

Remember- no practice on Saturday- September 27th- all Paddlefish are encouraged to volunteer for HOTO. Even if you haven't signed up officially to volunteer, try to head down to the venue and ask TRR if they need any help.


Joanne, Sondra and Judy R

Happy Birthdays Ladies!
Judy R is Tuesday, and Joanne and Sondra were yesterday!


Heads up!

Practice this Saturday, Sept 20 is going to start a little early. Since the dragon boats will be spending the afternoon on the Southside, the Paddlefish will practice from 8:30am-10am at Millvale.

And our 6:30 pm practice on
Wed, Sept 24 might go a little late, because we'll be practicing our one arm curls at Red Fin Blues. Bring money and maybe an extra layer of fleece in case it gets chilly.


Pics from Open Paddle Saturday, Sept 6

Thanks to all who came out on
Saturday to make the Paddlefish
Open Paddle a success.

Over 50 first-time dragon boaters
hit the water and were paddling like rock stars in no time. Look at that timing! Look at those straight arms!

More photos are posted at www.flickr.com/groups/paddlefish/