Annual Pfish Retreat 2008

We had gorgeous weather (minus a little rain and thunder), delicious food, interesting bird watching (thanks, Lori), arts and crafts (thanks, Judy L.) and a wonderful time on the kayaks and OCs... and someone paddled on the kayak for the very first time at the age of 3 (thanks, Mina!). Thanks to everyone for a fabulous weekend!


Although she's up in New York,

we'll be thinking of our birthday girl Kate,

as she celebrates her last teenage birthday!!

Have a great day, can't wait to get you back in the boat with us!!


The birthday divas of this weekend are-

Jeanne and Carolyn! Whether you are paddling with them in Pittsburgh or Florida, give them a splash and some birthday lovin!


Hello from camp!

While paddling, we've seen dolphins, a manatee, and a space shuttle.

Thanks to Shing for being our photographer!

Stayed tuned for more pictures and tales!

Ok, due to high demand, I replaced the photo from the first day with a more recent one with improved paddle angles.

And I threw in one from beach day because it's not all work!


Birthday wishes go out to-

Hongla on Sunday! Have a great day!!
If you want to celebrate all of our March/April rockstars, come out to Max and Erma's in Shadyside (5533 Walnut St) on Thursday, April 10th.

Jen has made arrangements for the restaurant to expect a group of Pfish at 7pm. And don't forget to show the FUNdraiser flier for the 20% donation deal, click here for the flier.


Sorry- we won't be going out on the water tonight- 4-2-08