We hope that Marie H's birthday is...

as sunny and relaxing as the island she's on!

Have a great birthday Marie
, and enjoy your vacation.

Can't wait to see you (and your Caribbean tan) soon!


So long, farewell...

Please don't tell us you're really leaving... all the best to you in London, Captain Jonathan. We'll miss you!


Watch your back,

or you'll get bit by the birthday-love-bug, aka Ada.

¡Feliz Cumpleaños Ada! Thanks for keeping us limber.
And happy Valentine's day to all. XXOO


She's strong! She's fit!

She's the birthday girl,


Have a great day Kit, you rock


Hip hip horay

Paddle cheers go out to the competitors and volunteers who participated in Saturday's indoor rowing competition. Lori S, Lisa, and Marie U, you are awesome for volunteering!! Congrats to Pfish Marie U and SC friends Nat and Bill for a great race.

Y'all are tough cookies!!

Nat, thanks for the shot of Lori in action.


Kick back and have yourself…

a very happy birthday, Jim Barnett!

You might be our newest member, but I have my ways of finding photos

hee hee hee!