Outrigger Canoe Sign-out

Hopefully you're all starting to get comfortable with paddling the outrigger canoes and also with the process of taking them out/putting them together/recovering from a huli/acknowledging all the admiring glances from on-lookers/putting them back/cleaning them/feeling like you rule the river?!

As the amount of 'out-of-regular-team-practice-hours' has risen over the past couple of months (a wonderful thing, as it helps justify to TRRA the expense of having them), there is now a sign-out sheet located near where the OC's are stored at the Washington's Landing facility.

If you're intending to use the outriggers at any time outside of team practices, do try to make every effort to sign-up for a time slot in advance (each slot is for an hour and a half). I realize that it's something of a hassle to go down to the boat bay to do this, although hopefully that might inspire you towards regular (weekly?!) usage of them!

FYI - An on-line sign-out process is apparently in the pipeline:
No idea on how that will work and when it might happen, so in the interest of everyone on the team, please try and book times in advance and check the sign-out sheet for prior bookings if you want to take one out without advanced notice.

Thanks all, and happy paddling!


Blogger Kit said...

Is there some way to do this via a Google calendar, if we were given permission to add to the Google calendar? Or is this too complicated?

2:05 PM, July 03, 2007  
Blogger Jonathan said...

That's not a bad idea... will look into it :)

2:42 PM, July 03, 2007  

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