A Meeting, A Task Force, and Another Meeting

Thanks to all who braved the rain and "muddy" river water to come to practice tonight and our meeting afterwards. Minutes will be shared with everyone, paddle cheers to Jonathan for volunteering to take on that task.

Also huge thanks to those who volunteered for the task force to find/hire an external coaching consultant: Carolyn N., Kris, and Sophie. Laurie (as PICL) and Lisa (as a member of the coach search committee) are ex officio members of that task force as well. Ladies, please let your fellow P'fish know if you need any assistance.

Everyone: please mark your calendars for our next general team meeting: Wednesday, July 11 after a short practice. (That's our last practice before Ithaca, so it would be a lighter/shorter workout anyway.) If you have any suggestions for agenda items, please send them to me via e-mail.


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