Paddlefish in Pittsburgh: Victories, Fun, & A Little Calamari

What a great day on the river -- and IN the river! Jonathan and Carolyn took one for the team and ended up in the river with Ben during the wrestling match to get him to take a celebratory dunking, and Rachel took one for the team and ended up in the river after she pitched off the drummer's seat while trying to retrieve the rope for the dockhands! Pfish are not afraid of water.

Congratulations to everyone who paddled with such spirit throughout the day!

Special thanks to Rissa, for organizing the event end of things, and to Lisa, Carolyn, Kathi, Mina, Judy and Jim, and Jonathan for their oodles of hours of work in organizing community teams to enter the races this year. The whole day was better for having Detre's Dragons, GSK Alli Nicorette Riverdragons, No Teachers Left Behind, Paddlers for Peace, and the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra out on the water with us!

Huge paddle cheers to all of the volunteer drummers and steerers, without whom very few of those boats would have been able to be on the water at the same time, and to GSK for sponsoring the great after-party and the cash prize for the women's race.


Blogger Sarah said...

I am so glad that someone got a picture of the big dunking! Hooray!

12:48 PM, June 18, 2007  

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