Tryouts this Friday, June 1, at Millvale

This is two requests: first, for anyone who would like to try out, and second, for anyone who would be willing to come down for a short paddle to assist in the tryout.

Tryouts for the USA Grand Masters Women's team will be held this Friday at the TRRA Millvale Boathouse. Any women in the 50+ category are invited to try out. It will qualify you for the World Cup races September 17-23 in Sydney. Tryouts consist of 1000K, 500K, and 200K on rowing erg (3pm - 5pm) and an on-water dragon boat paddle (5pm - 6pm). Ellen Law (team coach) will conduct the test. Testing fee is waived.

To do the in-water tryout, Ellen would like a boat with 10 paddlers and steersperson, in addition to anyone trying out. This allows her to see how the trying-out individuals do in a boat. If you are not interested or eligible to try out, would you consider coming down at 5 or 5:30 this Friday to go out in the boat? It's probably not more than 20-30 minutes (unless everybody wants to go for a nice paddle!). As a trying-out person, who would very much appreciate your volunteering, Stefani would like to invite everyone to Redfin Blues for a few drinks afterwards.

Please email Stefani directly or see her at practice Wednesday to let her know either about paddling or trying out.


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