Nominations for Interim Coach

Three people have been nominated to serve as Interim Coaching Leader. Each has confirmed that he or she is interested in serving; each understands that he or she may name assistants to help carry out the responsibilites outlined below.

( ) Laurie Butler
( ) Kate Northway
( ) Bob Robinson-Dassel

Huge (like, whoppingly large and enormous) paddle cheers to all three Pfish for being willing to serve.

NOTE: Elections will be held at practice on Monday. If you cannot be at practice, you can vote by email (pghpfish@gmail.com) before 9 AM on Tuesday. Name of the interim will be released Wednesday.

Responsibilities of the interim coach and of the team are stated below.

The Interim Coaching Leader will:

  • Run practices smoothly and efficiently,
  • Continue to foster camaraderie and respect for the efforts of everyone on the team,
  • Keep our training on course with the help of a training schedule developed by Ben, and
  • Help us to continue to improve our paddling and prepare effectively for racing.

Commitment from the Team:

The team shall agree to follow the Interim Coach’s direction. Questions and feedback regarding decisions are to be raised separately and directly with Interim Coach. The team also agrees to stay focused on team goals of improved performance and camaraderie throughout this interim period.


1. Work closely with Bob Dassel in his present role as Paddlefish Captain,

2. Serve on the Paddlefish Steering Committee during this interim period,

3. Manage at least two practices/week, assigning practice-oversight responsibility to someone else on the team when not able to attend a practice,

4. Recognize that he or she will be looked to for ensuring team compliance with Three Rivers Rowing Association safety regulations, with the understanding that all TRRA members (and therefore all Pfish) are expected to be familiar with the TRRA safety regulations,

5. To the extent feasible, periodically (approximately once/month) arrange for video of practices and then review video with team (and, as needed, individuals) for general feedback,

6. Work in cooperation with any external consultant brought in for technique training during this period, helping the team to incorporate that person’s suggestions and direction in subsequent practices and race-planning,

7. Determine seating, drumming, and steering for races, doing so with input from Paddlefish Captain, with decisions to be communicated to the team at least two weeks prior to the race event,

8. Serve as needed as team’s point person at local and ‘travel’ competitions (i.e. may be asked to serve as key communication point between race organizers and team on race day).


1. Strong communication skills, positive and respectful attitude,

2. High level of comfort managing diverse group of adults, and

3. Paddling and racing experience


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