Great Outdoors Week

Did you know that the Great Outdoors Week starts this Friday?

It's a week long celebration of Western Pennsylvania's wonderful environment and outdoor opportunities, hosted by Sustainable Pittsburgh. And Paddlefish will be participating by association at:
- Venture Outdoors Festival (this Saturday, 5/19)
- Open Paddle (a week on Saturday, 5/26)
- TRRA Learn to row & paddle day (also on 5/26, in conjunction with our Open Paddle)

It's also National Bike to Work Day this Friday (5/18, so get on your bikes if you can!), where the rumor is that there'll be free breakfasts around the city... see, I knew that would get you guys motivated ;)

And, of course, our women-folk are participating in the ultimate celebration of the outdoors, a dragon boat festival! Good luck in DC ladies :)


Blogger Kit said...

Check out the Tribune-Review for more of Jonathan's thoughts on Great Outdoor Week!

7:16 AM, May 17, 2007  
Blogger Jonathan said...

ach! was wondering when that would appear :)

Although I have to say I'm dissapointed that she didn't include any of the stuff I said about the Paddlefish... but I guess that's reporters for you.
Plus I'm SURE I never used such a blatantly American word as 'backyard' ;)

6:07 PM, May 17, 2007  

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