Practice Notes from Ben

From Ben:
April is our peak volume month with higher intensity work starting in May (see the overview tab on the workout schedule). Tonight's workout is a 13k paddle (something like paddling to Bruno island, the point is about 4k, island laps are 2.5). This is not drill time, it is long boring paddling - strictly NO power pieces, power 10s or starts. Encouragement should revolve around focus and stamina since this is a good 90 min workout. Ideally those on the boat don't talk and steerer says next to nothing beyond boat maneuvering. Stroke rate can vary from 45-55.

We will use May practices, specifically Mondays, for bringing the women's team together. I will set seating for that team in May. However since the decision to paddle the women's boat tonight was already made, I understand if the consensus is to stick to that plan.

See you all on Saturday. The canoes are booked for the weekend so take up boats as you desire. I will bring the outriggers and as many other boats as are still around and fit on my truck.


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