It was a damp and drizzly Saturday...

... which was, of course, perfect weather for sitting in a kayak in an inch of cold, goosebump-inducing river water.

Last Saturday, the dragon boats stayed dry in the boathouse while the Paddlefish had our first 500-meter time trials in the Sprinter kayaks. Personally, I found it odd to be floating on the Allegheny by myself, rather than in a boat with 20 other people... although Carolyn here seems to be doing just fine:

Hats off to those Pfish who managed to keep smiling throughout the morning. (Also, apologies to Rachel - we ALL made that face when we felt the chilly river water creep up our shorts. She was just the only one unlucky enough to do it while I had my camera handy...!)

Thanks to those of you who volunteered to help with the timing. It was a chilly day for sitting around with a radio and a stopwatch, but we couldn't have done it without you!


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