Orders for Personal Paddles: ZRE Models

From Dick:

This is the last call for ordering ZRE paddles at a discount this summer! Please let me know if you want to order one, by Friday morning. I am placing the order with Ben Lau of ERDBA this Friday afternoon.

I do not believe Ben is taking orders at this time for paddles from other manufacturers: He has orders for the ZRE paddles as a result of interest generated at Nationals. The final price of the paddle is a function of the quantity ordered. I understand that Ben's current quantity is 19. A look at the order form will give you the paddle cost for that quantity.

Descriptions of the paddles can be found at the ZRE website, if you are interested. I have orders from Kathi Robinson-Dassel, Carolyn Freeman and Lisa Kennard to date.

To order, send me an e-mail identifying the model number of the ZRE paddle you want to purchase and the length (models vary with hand grip style). We'll take care of payments next week.


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