River Sojourn in August

As part of the"Rivers of the Year" celebration, the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources is sponsoring paddling events in August. Venture Outdoors is helping with a three-day river sojourn launching from Harmarville on August 10th (for a 12-mile paddle down to Heinz Field, a trip to Duck Hollow (the Mon) on Friday, and ending with a cruise on the Voyager down the Ohio on Saturday. Cost for all three days is $200 and covers rental of the kayak or canoe, lodging at night (nothing fancy!), a tee shirt, breakfast/lunch/dinner, and drinking water.

See http://www.pawatersheds.org/sojourn/ for specifics -- and for links to register via Venture Outdoors or to order a free poster of kayakers on the Allegheny in downtown Pittsburgh!


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