Great News from Twin City Dragons!

Hi, Guys!

We had our first race yesterday, and we one 1 out
of 4, which we felt was great! It was a Taiwan style
flag catching race, so that added some excitement. It
was great to pull the team together even more and I
think we recruited some new members as well! We had a
full boat for all 4 heats, and I had to scramble the
night before to make sure we had enough women- crazy,

We will be going to our next race in about 3
weeks, in Grand Marais, MN, where we will race on Lake
Superior. I just wanted to give you guys the update. I
wrote about our doings on the blog on our myspace if
you wanna check it out. People are really excited now,
and I have the members of my oh-so-important
fundraising commitee now.

I believe they said it was a 300 metre race, and they
made us do one run and then come back and do another,
taking the averages. Thanks for teaching me so well! I
really did it! I made a team by teaching them in
canoes and on land with a shovel handle. Crazy.



p.s. people are totally gung ho about getting boats so
hopefully by spring we will have our own! some of the
guys want to build one. I told them to form their own
commitee for that....



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