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Want to know more about nationals? (i.e. why August?!!) Jeff Campbell responds to questions asked and unuttered in an ERDBA article linked here: http://www.erdba.org/attach/USDBFUpdate0605.doc .

Wanna go to Sydney in 2007? Think about trying out for one of the "super teams" (teams comprised of paddlers from a number of different clubs). For one example, see http://www.njdragonboat.org/gm/ (a mixed grand-masters team). The indoor paddling championship next month in New York City is a great site for connecting with others who may be interested in forming a super-team across geographical boundaries under a strong coach!


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From Carolyn Newkirk, our logistics coordinator for the Tampa trip:

We have 20 rooms confirmed at the Mariott (2 double beds) from Thursday, August 24 to Monday, August 28.  Everyone should start to think of roommates and the dates they actually want to stay.   The current prices for roundtrip flights from Pgh to Tampa range from $221 to $738 on Expedia.com and $190 to $767 on Kayak.com.  Kayak.com is a great resource as it provides times and prices from a wide variety of airlines and then you buy them directly from the airline.  

Based on the schedule, Pfish have a free day on Friday, unless you want to attend the opening ceremonies in the evening (time TBD), and won't be racing until Saturday afternoon in the 250 m.  There are a wide range of flights available Friday, August 25.  For those of you who have to return on Sunday, there are a flights at 7:25 pm, returning to Pgh at 10:55 pm with a connection in Charlotte on US Airways.  On Expedia.com, the roundtrip flight (leaving Friday) using the 7:25 pm return flight is $252 as of 2/18.  Air Tran has a flight out of Tampa Sunday at 8:23 pm, arriving in Pgh at 12:34 am.  Round trip flights on Air Tran are around $260.  Please let me know if you need additional information or assistance with flight information.

Jeff Campbell, technical director of the Tampa Nationals, offers this information: “If your club is good then you will be in the higher ranked divisions and will race towards the end of the day [on Sunday].  I know it may mean taking an extra day off, but it will be worth it.  It's more fun to pick up your medals in front of the crowd and dancing at the party is more fun with a medal bouncing around. Another option is to fly out of Orlando.  There is an 8:50pm flight out that gets into Pittsburgh at 12:34am.  It's about 90 minutes from Tampa to Orlando.  They could leave Tampa at 6pm and still have plenty of time to make their flight.  Check Kayak.com.  It's an AirTrans flight.”

11:27 AM, February 24, 2006  

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