Dragon Boats in Beijing in 2008?

From Mike Haslam, Executive President of the International Dragon Boat Federation, regarding dragon boats and the 2008 Olympic games:

Thank you for your interest. The site was not actually an IDBF site
but was put on by a keen individual who no longer seems to be active !
Anyway, getting into the 2008 Beijing Games was not the intention, the
object was to get support for the IDBF by stimulating interest in new
countries to form Dragon Boat associations by 2008, in order that the
IDBF has the 75 Countries in its Membership, which is the number the IDBF
needs before we can apply to join the Olympic Organisation.

After that it takes many years to get accepted for the actual OGs -
sometimes never !! So it was never an option that DBR would be included
in the 2008 Games.

However, we are hoping to hold an Olympic Celebration Dragon Boat
Regatta in China, as near to Beijing as possible, in the week leading up
to the Opening Ceremony and that event may be included in the Cultural
Programme of the Games.

You are most welcome to spread that message !!

Many thanks for your interest.

Mike Haslam
IDBF Executive President.


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