January Workouts

A brief recap of Ben's plans for us for January:

Monday and Wednesday workouts will be either ergs or weights: half the group will spend practice time on the ergs while the other half of us does weights/abs/med balls. If you did ergs Monday night, you do weights/med balls/abs on Wednesday and vice versa.

The erg workouts are building up to a 15K workout. This week, you'll do two 1K pieces and then two 5K pieces (different intensities/purposes on the 5Ks, so talk to Ben or Laurie before practice about what to do during those 5Ks). You can do the three pieces (2K, 5K, 5K) in any order -- play around and figure out which order works best for you for getting the strongest time.

The erg workouts are preparing us for competition in the Indoor Sprints in early February. Any and all Pfish should sign up for the sprints (registration is online via the TRRA web site: http://www.threeriversrowing.org); you'll need to register as either a "lightweight" or a "heavyweight."

I think Saturday practices this month continue to be a combination of weights/ergs (a little bit of each, in other words) but am not sure I have that right. (Ben?) A copy of the Excel files with the January workouts (e.g. whether you're doing Romanian dead lifts or rotator cuff exercises during your weight workout -- and how many of each) will be attached to this week's update.

A final note: Please start recording your erg times (2K and 5K) and keeping track of your weightlifting experiences. I don't think there are any extra weight logs in the weightroom right now, but maybe a helpful soul will run off some copies and put those in the box with our other accumulated paper....


Blogger laurie b said...

I will make some extra copies of the weight logs.

3:13 PM, January 04, 2006  
Anonymous Jonathan said...

Romanian Dead Lifts - YUK!

More like Dead Romanian Lifts...

2:35 PM, January 05, 2006  

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