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Let's Get Trivial

Anyone interested in going down to Mullaney's Harp & Fiddle (in the Strip) this Sunday evening for some Guiness and a game of trivia? I've only played once, but it was a lot of fun. Might also be a good way to start meeting new groups of people who'd be interested in paddling this summer!

Here's the scoop straight from the Harp & Fiddle folks:

Sunday we will open at 4:00pm and will feature TRIVIA with Johnny Connolly starting at 6:00pm. Teams of 4 to 8 people compete for weekly prizes as well as a grand prize at the end of the 8th session. New teams are always welcome. This is a fantastic family activity and is fun for all ages. There is a small fee per person and all proceeds benefit the Pgh. Gaelic Youth Football Program. Who would of thought you could have so much fun and help a good cause all at the same time. Remember there is no more football to watch on Sundays.

Let me know if you can come!


Moraine Retreat

Moraine has cabins available for the weekend of April 22nd (not April 29th). How does this weekend look to everyone for a retreat?

To get a glimpse of the park -- and the cabins -- see http://www.dcnr.state.pa.us/stateparks/parks/moraine.aspx .

Many thanks to Lori M. for getting the ball rolling on this.


Building On Saturday's Success

Our sprinters did a fantastic job this weekend: what a great source of inspiration for the indoor paddling competition in New York City next month!!

Paddlefish competed last year (Stef and Lisa would be willing to share some stories with you, I'm sure!). This year's competition will be held March 19th; an earlier blog post provides more details.

Please post here -- or send me an email -- if you are interested in going to New York in March. If there's interest, the Logistics Committee can start to organize travel and hotel plans.


Congratulations, Sprinters!

Congrats to all the Paddlefish participants in this weekend's Pittsburgh Indoor Championship: great job! Wooo-hoooo! Huge paddle cheers!

Laurie won a bronze medal in the senior-masters-women race, with a time of 8:35.4, and Stef earned first place in the women's lightweight veterans group, with an adjusted time of 8:23.7!

Pulling hard and representing Paddlefish power in the women's non-lightweight veteran's group were Kathi (who came in 2nd in this group with an adjusted time of 9:04.1), Ada, Mina, and Lisa.

Dick had a great time of 8:26.3, and Bob earned his Big Lincolns with a strong 9:02.

Thanks so much to all of you for your fantastic efforts and for representing the team so well!!!