World Class Paddlers

News from Jack: After an 8-mile tryout on Saturday, Judy, Lisa, and Stefani were ALL picked to be to be on the USA Women's Grand Masters World Championship Team that will go to Berlin in August.

A really fine thing for them and pretty cool for the rest of us too.


Blogger Kit said...

It was great to have a chance to see Stef swim this morning in the Senior Olympics. If you think she's a smooth, strong paddler, you should see her swim!

Here's the schedule for Stef's events on Tuesday and Wednesday:

Tuesday 6/14 at 9:00 AM - 100 individual medley
Tuesday 6/14 at 9:45 AM - 200 breaststroke
Tuesday 6/14 at 11:30 AM - 200 backstroke
Wednesday 6/15 at 11:15 AM - 500 freestyle

A shuttle bus system is running between the Cathedral of Learning and Trees Hall if it's easier for you to find the CL than to find Trees. Just go to the shuttle stop on Bigelow Blvd in between the Cathedral and the William Pitt Union and wait for the "green card" shuttle bus. (The "orange card" takes you to the downtown event sites and the "purple" to the Schenley Park events.)

2:01 PM, June 13, 2005  
Blogger chuck said...

And congratulations to Stef on her Bronze medal...Do you realize that she qualified for ten events? She could only compete in six.

3:28 PM, June 14, 2005  

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