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I'm not sure how or whether this can work to thread comments and discussion. I suspect that if we post responses to one of these sorts of posts, then the comments will be collected in attachment with this post, which is a sort of threading.

I'm getting excited about the trip to DC -- not so much for the competition angle of it (though our practice times this week were good, I think) but for the general fun of going to the event and spending time with each other.

Wouldn't it be lovely if the hotel had a whirlpool?


Blogger Carolyn said...

Hi, again. Good - I didn't erase the first message - it must just take a while for the posting to happen.

Any of you, do you know an easy way to get back to the opening screen w/out hitting Back?

8:27 PM, May 14, 2004  
Blogger Kit said...

Carolyn, there's a link at the bottom of the comments that takes you back to the home blog -- so either that or your browser's back-arrow should work.... I've just been using the "back to home" link.

I'll change the dates back to English (no one wants to learn a little Polish, eh?).

7:00 AM, May 15, 2004  
Blogger laurie b said...

Doubt there's a whirlpool--this is economy lodging!
I still haven't heard form Chuck, Nathan or Tom regarding their lodging--all three together? We'll discuss at practice tonight--if it is raining thundering, I suppose we'll go back to our indoor practice routine?

This should be a separate catagory--but no time... Lori M., Stefani and I have raised about $100 by selling candy in our office--I will bring the money to Carolyn next week.--It can go towards race entry fees I suppose--any thoughts?

8:46 AM, May 19, 2004  
Blogger Kit said...

No one wants to share in my delusion that there might be a whirlpool at the Comfort Inn, eh? Sigh....

Chuck's staying with family, I believe, so won't be at the hotel. He'll miss all the fun pajama parties.

Thanks so much for the fundraising work! That's so great! I think putting the funds toward the race fees sounds like a wonderful idea.

2:15 PM, May 19, 2004  

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