bidragonathlon :)

This Saturday we had a record number of dragon boaters compete at the Central Catholic Biathlon - 11 in total, including 6 Paddlefish and 5 friends from Steel City Dragons (the Paddlefish were Mina, Ada, Marie, Carolyn, Rachel & Jonathan - with a special shout-out to Sophie Jan, who trained with the rest of us, but was cruelly kept away by work...)

Particular kudos to all of those who were doing it for the first time - everyone was amazing and looked strong throughout.

I think I even heard a couple of the girls yell "Peeeeeenaaaaaaaannnnnngggg"
as they crossed the finish line ;)

and Ada received the compliment of the day from a college sophomore: "I hope I'm just like you when I'm your age!" (hence the 'Ada Shuffle' dance that followed ~~>)

For results click on: Results (PDF file link) and for more pics, go to our Flickr site: http://www.flickr.com/groups/paddlefish/pool/


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