Team Survey: Saturday

As noted in last week's update, Part I of the team survey ('Who are we? Who do we want to be?') will be administered at the beginning of practice this weekend. Here's a quick overview of the survey (below).

Please let me know by noon Friday (send me an email or call me at work) if you have things that you'd like to make sure are included in the survey that may not be captured within the outline described below. We've tried to develop something that will capture the full range of the team's thoughts, so this is not a streamlined instrument but an intentionally open one -- and your input would be valued.

The goal is to get a more solid sense of who we are and/or who we want to be as a team as we move ahead with plans to hire a new coach. This first part of the team survey will focus on that question. The next part of the survey, to be administered in mid-April, will focus on the qualities and characteristics we’re looking for in a coach.

No right or wrong answers here. The survey consists of basic demographic questions (age groups, number of years on the team), open-ended questions, and questions on a scale of 1-5.

Open-ended questions are in three areas: (1) team value: what's important to you about being on the team?; (2) growth/future: should we grow in size? what are your thoughts on having A (selected on basis of most-likely-to-win trials) and B (open to all team members) boats? role of youth team?; and (3) advantages or disadvantages to being under the TRRA umbrella.

Questions on a scale of 1-5 are in the team value and growth/future areas. For example, on a scale of 1 (not important) to 5 (essential), how important are the team's social activities to you? How important is the chance to get/stay fit? How important is winning? Traveling?

Don't think too hard about the scaled 1-5 questions: go with your gut. There are no trick questions!

Let me know if you have any questions about the survey or its purpose. If you have areas or issues about the team that you'd like to make sure the survey captures, please let me know.

If you will not be at practice on Saturday, I will send you a survey by email. Those surveys will need to be back to me on Tuesday. I'll collect the results and Sarah will include them in the April 13th update.


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