Buon Compleanno Lisa!!

As we say in Italy for the Birthday person, "Tantissimi Auguri di Buon Compleanno!"

Today is your special day, and particularly this year.  It is not of everyday to be representing the US in a World competition such the one in Malaysia.

Have a great time from all of us here and from your teammates in Penang.

Ciao from the Pittsburgh Paddlefish Team!


Bon voyage Penang-bound Paddlefish

Some Paddlefish women have already started their journey to the opposite side of the globe. The rest of us will take off tomorrow for the 2008 Club Crew World Championships in Penang, Malaysia.

If you miss us over the next two weeks, you can get your fix by viewing today's Tribune-Review article and the slide show- see link below.

Next week you'll be able to catch us with Dave Crawley on KDKA news, check out- http://kdka.com/kdcountry

Thanks to all who supported the Paddlefish women in preparation for Club Crew Championships!

Photo by Christopher Horner / Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Below: Teluk Bahang Dam Race Site


Linda and Frank- it's your birthdays!

Hope it's a good one

(Both of the birthday kiddos
are on the left side of their photos)

Whether you're headed to St. Louis or
Penang, we wish you both a
happy birthday and
safe travels!


Paddlefish Women in the News

If you haven't run out and grab a paper here's the link to the Post Gazette article online about our women team going to Malaysia.



4000 meters raced + 90 degrees + 2 silvers = Ithaca, NY

From Carolyn N:
"The weekend was fun-- long and hot day on Saturday, but a good test for paddling in tropical weather and sun. Congratulations to everyone for paddling in MANY races (women's final was race our 9th race and mixed final was our 10th race of the day!)"


More action shots from Pittsburgh Race

Thanks Judy Defeo for sharing your photos! Good shots of the Pittsburgh Paddlefish women's crew capturing the gold.