Fluffy, R.I.P.

I wish to notify everyone that Fluffy has moved on to the big fish pond in the sky. He fought mightily, but, in the end, I believe that he succumbed to a bacterial infection. I invested in just about every fish pharmaceutical on the market to no avail. I wish to thank everyone on the team for entrusting me with him. He led a good life (well, until he died).

On a lighter note…I do not think that Fluffy left a will. I wish Ben had notified us of his interest in sushi earlier. I do not think that Fluffy would have minded if he was donated to science (or to whatever name best describes Ben’s cooking skills). Ben’s stomach might have been a good endpoint for a fish whose origin was a dragonboat team. A raw fish that died of a bacterial infection might present some problems, though.

Fluffy, R.I.P.


You must be wondering why in the world I have a picture of Fluffy. Well, I took some pictures of my apartment for insurance purposes, and Fluffy somehow ended up in a picture.


Please do not take my attempt at humor as an indicator of my feelings for Fluffy. He really did lead a good life.


Blogger Rob said...

Bettas live about 3 years under good conditions. The conditions that Fluffy was in at the store probably weren't good, and there might be some question about genetics as well.

A 10 gallon tank with some gentle filtration and proper feeding produce the best life expectancy in these fish. You can check with folks in the International Betta Congress if you want more info (and possibly a high quality fish - if you ask nice, you might be amazed by someone offering to mail you one).

5:26 PM, July 19, 2005  

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