April 9 Meeting

A few notes from our meeting last Saturday--

Recruitment-Lisa shared the roster update. We discussed several recruitment ideas:
--the Rec. League needs to be successful-we need 2 Paddlefish/week to be involved as well as coaches and steerspeople. The coaches and steerspeople are paid positions. The three sessions begin on June 7, July 19, and August 23 and are each 4 weeks.
--Stefani has sent an e-mail requesting that we participate in Highmark's Walk for a Healthy Community on May 21 (refer to her e-mail or ask her for info)
--Woody will be talking to various groups, promoting TRRA programs, including Dragon Boating and would like a member of the Paddlefish to come along.
--April 30 and May 7 will be "bring a friend" practices. Please e-mail Lisa to let her know if you will be here and will be able to help.

The majority of the team who voted, prefers the "curved" fish logo that Ben presented. He will put some finishing touches on the design, before we decide what we want to do with it....hats? t-shirts? TATTOOS!

Dick gave the equipment update:
--2 Dragon Boats
--1 oar, then a second replacement oar appeared so we are good on oars
--49 paddles-3 different lengths-they have all been tagged as to S/M/L
About half are in very good shape, 24 are in poor/very poor condition and will need to be repaired. It will be a 2-3 step process including sanding, epoxy and a finish coat. Dick will set up a couple work days, probably after Saturday practices. As a bonus, working on our paddles will count as TRRA volunteer hours. If you have a Random Orbital sander, bring it along on the work days.
--6th Presbyterian Church has two lockers that we can have to put our supplies in.

We reviewed the information that Jack prepared about fundraising and determined the items we felt were most important to be covered if we receive a grant or have a fundraising event:
--Registration fees for festivals
--Team PFD's and uniforms
--Travel expenses
--Team tent or canopy

We agreed to further discuss recruiting at the retreat.
As always, those of you who were at the meeting should review these notes and add or correct in "comments".


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