A Few More Notes from the meeting

Kit asked me to share a few more of the notes from the meeting and since the blog changed format, I can't seem to add to the current post! Perhaps someone could enlighten me!

We are on for Morraine--Laurie is trying to be in touch with the boat renters up there to see if they will open a bit early and maybe give us a rate on renting canoes and kayaks. If not, those of us who have boats will bring them and Ben may help us load some of the TRRA boats on our cars, so we can be on the water where Paddlefish belong! You can pay Laurie Butler for the cabin fee--$33.25/person. We'd like a count of those who plan to come up for the day on Saturday so we can plan for food, boats, where to meet us, etc.

We have a full boat for DC so we will be registering soon. Cost should be about $40/person. Laurie and team will be looking into a block of motel rooms.

Dick tells us we still have two boats(!) and paddles that are in fair-good shape. Some paddles are lost in action and many need work. We need to look at the drums as well so will plan a time to sand, refinish and paint.

Lisa tells us we have 26 members. We'd like to set a goal to have 2 full boats and are especially looking to increase the number of men on our team. We may look at having some open practices in April and May. The first Saturday of April will be Learn to Row/Paddle Day. This will include an introduction to 3 Rivers, a chance for folks to get to know each other, a tour of facilities and a lesson in the tank.

Stefani checked into some of the races in the area--runners should be a fit group to recruit--the Dragon Boat League informational cards will be included in the packets for some races. We could also be at a table during a race in South Park, 2nd weekend in May to talk about fun and fitness while Dragon Boating.

3 Rivers will be running the Dragon Boat League this summer. There will be 3 four week sessions. They need a steersperson and a coach. Let Ben know if you are interested in either position as he is recruiting. Those will be paid positions. They would also like 2 Paddlefish/session to help out.

Jack will be talking to us further about how we want to structure our payments, possible grants, fundraising, etc. when we meet in April.

My notes got pretty sketchy at this point. If I missed anything or drifted and didn't get information quite right, jump on in!