Next Year's Festivals

It is time to consider which festivals we wish to attend next summer. I have compiled a list of dragon boat festivals within a day’s drive of Pittsburgh. I give the date of this year’s festival if the date for next year’s festival is not yet available. We can assume that the date of next year’s festivals will not differ too much from the date of this year’s festivals. A more extensive list of festivals is located at http://www.dragon-boats.com/dbnet/index.html. Please notify me if you would like to consider additional festivals.

Please e-mail me a rank-ordered list of four festivals that you wish to attend (ranked from the most to least prefered). I will sum people's preferences (four points for first, three for second...you get the idea) and post the results for comments. Some festivals require greater travel and last an entire weekend. These festivals will be more expensive to attend. It would be best if we choose festivals so that we can structure the full racing season around them. Practices will have greater meaning if we know that our work will soon pay dividends. Please also tell me the number of out-of-town festivals that you would like to attend.

I did not include the Pittsburgh or Cleveland festivals on the list. The Pittsburgh festival was originally scheduled for September 18 of this year. Cleveland is the only out-of-town festival that we can do in a single day. It is a small festival that we might want to consider as a last-minute supplement to other festivals that we attend. It was held on July 3 of this year. This date might conflict with potential commitments to the Three Rivers Regatta.

May 22, 2004 – Washington, D.C., Dragon Boat Festival http://www.dragonboatdc.com/ (about 4.5 hour drive)

May 28, 2005 – GWN 3000 Meter Endurance Challenge http://www.dragon-boat.com/3000mendurancechallenge.htm (Welland Watersport Course, Ontario; distance?)

June 13, 2004 – Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival of Boston http://www.bostondragonboat.org/index2.html (about 9 hour drive)

June 19-20, 2004 – Tour East Holidays Toronto International Dragon Boat Race http://www.dragonboats.com/ (about 5.5 hour drive)

July 24, 2004 – St. Catharine’s Dragon Boat Festival http://www.stcatharinesdragonboat.org/ (St. Catherine’s, Ontario; about 4 hour drive)

July 31-August 1, 2004 – New York City International Dragon Boat Festival http://www.libertydragonboat.org/ (about 7 hour drive)

August 7-8, 2004 – Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival in New York http://www.hkdbf-ny.org/ (about 7 hour drive)

August 21-22, 2004 – Breast Cancer Survivor Dragon Boat Festival http://mywebpages.comcast.net/PrincetonWarriors/ (Princeton, NJ; about 6.5 hour drive)

October 1, 2005 – Fifth Annual Philadelphia Dragon Boat Festival http://www.philadragonboatfestival.com/ (about 5.5 hour drive)

October 2, 2004 – 6K Long Distance Challenge http://www.montrealdragonboat.com/en/midbrf.php?p2=festivals (Montreal, Quebec; about 9.5 hour drive)

October 3, 2004 – New Jersey Dragon Boat Challenge Races http://www.njdragonboat.org/njrace (Parsippany, NJ; about 6 hour drive)


Blogger KathiRD said...

Our limit is probably three out of town festivals. My first choices for spacing them out would be Washington, Toronto and New York (either one). 2nd choices would be Boston, St. Catherine's and Philadelphia. I think it would be fun to do a long distance race, but they are all close to the times of other festivals. I know that this isn't exactly how you wanted them ranked--put Toronto first, DC, St. Catherine's, New York, Phily, Boston....perhaps I am not the best person to start the comments!!

1:52 PM, November 22, 2004  
Blogger Kit said...

Three would be an absolute max for me, too, and I'm somewhat inclined to suggest that we shoot for doing two out-of-town festivals well rather than pushing it to three (assuming that we are also doing two in-town festivals: the Regatta in July and the Pgh Dragonboat Festival in September). The other cautionary note I'd throw out here (sorry for being a wet blanket) is that August tends to be people's vacation month, so traveling to a festival in August as a full team may be difficult.

All that said, I'd be most interested in going to the DC festival and the Toronto festival.

Is there anything going on in Chicago?

2:04 PM, November 22, 2004  
Blogger Mina said...

1. May - DC
2. June - Toronto (although I would also really like to go to Boston
2. October - Philadelphia
4. July and August might be hard due to schedules but St. Catherine or NYC (July 31-Aug 1) would be fun.

5:44 PM, November 22, 2004  
Blogger Kit said...

Here's some info from someone organizing a dragon boat festival in Chicago.... Might be a good connection for us! (If we travel to their festival, maybe they'd think of traveling to ours?)
Hi, I'm the organizer of the past two Chicago Dragon Boat Race for Literacy. We are comparatively new since the past year was only the 4th annual event for us. However, the event has grown to gain more and more recognition. We had 17 teams this past year, and we have been receiving inquiries regarding how to join the event next year. If you are interested in getting more information, please feel free to contact me.

Currently we are trying to set next year's event date on July 23. Are there any major Dragon Boat events in the nation on this day? Your assistance is appreciated. Thanks!

Z.J. Tong
Associate Director,
Chicago Chinatown Chamber of Commerce
2169-B S. China Place, Chicago, IL 60616
Tel: 312-326-5320
Fax: 312-326-5668

9:31 AM, November 26, 2004  
Blogger Judy L said...

1.DC in May
2. Toronto in June
3.Aug NYC International
4. Philly in Oct

10:11 AM, November 26, 2004  
Blogger lisa said...

I would love to investigate Chicago further. We definitely should encourage new festivals (like us). Of course this is in addition to DC, Toronto, NYC and Philly.

12:48 PM, November 29, 2004  
Blogger Kit said...

Here's info on plans for the Dragon Boat Festival out in Portland, Oregon. I'm not posting this as a suggestion that we compete here next summer, but it's interesting to see the "grandmaster" category as an option, and I like the idea of their "3K race to downtown" event!


DragonSports USA of Portland, OR, one of the premier dragonboat race organizers of the Pacific Dragon Boat Association, the Western US affiliate of the United Stated Dragon Boat Federation, announces its
2005 races to be held on August 6 and 7 at Sellwood Park on the Willamette River in Portland, Oregon. Races will be contested in 6-16 Hong Kong-style dragonboats over a 500-meter course approximately
3 miles south of downtown Portland.

The competition will be capped by a one-way, 3 plus mile race for the top-finishing teams from the race venue to downtown Portland. This finishing race had its inaugural in August 2004 when it was won by
Portland's Wasabi Paddling Club's Premier Mixed team. Teams in this race may need to dodge jet skis and other pleasure craft, commercial barge traffic and sightseeing cruises. No guts - no glory.

The following divisions will be contested, assuming sufficient entries in each division:

Mixed -
Competitive and recreational (to be determined by Saturday seeding races)
seniors (40 years and over)
grandmasters (55 years and over)
juniors (all persons except steersperson must meet IDBF junior definition)

Women -
Competitive and recreational (to be determined by Saturday seeding races)
seniors (40 years and over)
breast cancer survivor
All persons on each women's boat must be female.

Separate awards will be given for all divisions and the 3 plus mile finishing event. Awards ceremony to be held at the race venue as soon after the finisher as the competing crews can be shuttled back to the
race venue.

Please mark your calendar for this 2005 event. Come see how YOUR team can do in a competitive 3 plus mile event IF they're good enough to qualify! Can YOUR team wrest the 3 mile title away from Portland??

Doug Schryver, Treasurer
DragonSports USA

1:47 PM, December 01, 2004  

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