I’m making several requests regarding practices.

First, I ask that everyone attend Saturday practices.  I understand that people occasionally are out of town and that other business sometimes arises, but it is extremely difficult to coalesce as a team unless we practice regularly as a team.  We cannot create a whole that is greater than its parts unless we regularly fit all of those parts together.  We can use Saturday practices to refine how we interact as a team, create long-term paddling partners, and locate people in the various sections of the boat.  People can practice with their partners during the week (if both people attend the same practice) and can continue to paddle from the same section of the boat.

Second, it is best if people attend each of our three weekly practices.  I recognize that people have busy schedules and often can attend only two practices per week.  I ask that people engage in a non-paddling, aerobic activity at least once a week if they attend two practices per week.  We need to enhance our overall fitness and can only do so if we commit ourselves to a certain level of exercise.  Ideally, each of us would exercise four times per week, which would require one additional workout for those who attend all practices and two additional workouts for those who attend two practices.


Blogger lisa said...

I wonder if Saturday is the best day to make compulsory. Many people have difficulty with Saturdays because of family and other committments. Some people of course think weekdays are harder. Is this a time for democracy? My vote would actually be for Saturday, but maybe others have other ideas. Saturday is better becuase 1) not so tired as after a long day at the office 2) a little more time to talk, 3) breakfast at the diner!

As to your second point, yesterday's (Monday) practise was an eye opener for me. I obviously have got very unfit just 'paddling down the river'. I for one would welcome being told to do a fourth aerobic activity (no I can't do it without being told to). It would help if we could get some guidance from coaches as to what to do.

1:17 PM, July 27, 2004  
Blogger chuck said...

Yes, Lisa is correct. Judy also recommended that I get input from team members before designating any particular day as "mandatory." Please let me know if Saturday conflicts with your schedules.

2:14 PM, July 27, 2004  
Blogger laurie b said...

Saturday would be best for me but I'll go with whatever the democracy decides. That being said, we will be away for the next two Saturdays. Extra workouts would be great--I don't do a whole lot but when I miss practice I usually try to run for 20-30 minutes and do abs whenever I can. I promise to do at least the running and abs when we're on vacation! Sorry I missed practice this past Wednesday--emergency car troubles--and we ended up buying a new car. See you all on Monday the 16th.

8:38 AM, July 30, 2004  
Blogger Lori M said...

Saturday is the best day for me as well. I've been traveling a lot this summer, though, and trying to do my best in getting to practice. When I don't paddle, I walk four miles and do abs.

12:29 PM, August 05, 2004  

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