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How would members of the team feel about "volunteering" for the recreational team? The rec team cannot fill the boat during their practices. We could both interact with the rec team and offer them a more enjoyable experience if we filled some of the empty seats. We also may be able to recruit some of them if we "volunteer" over a period of time. I suggest that at least four of us rotate through the rec boat each week. It would require, at most, one day per team member per month. A team member who is paddling on the rec boat could skip one of his or her team practices so that he or she does not become overly "dragonboated" in a particular week. Does this work for all of you? I can take next Tuesday. I am willing to do more than one day a month if we can get this idea moving.

In the interest of full disclosure, I have a friend on the rec team. However, I am more concerned because most of us started paddling with the rec team. I view the rec team as a potential source of recruits and a form of TRRA outreach. We will suffer in the long term if we lose that link with the community, and we may lose that link if people lose interest in the rec team because the boat is perpetually half empty.


Blogger Kit said...

I'd be delighted to paddle with the rec team from time to time. Thanks for the "full disclosure" about having a friend on the rec group -- that was just to make sure we knew where your friends are, eh?

2:55 PM, May 27, 2004  
Blogger lisa said...

Actually four of us did volunteer with the rec group the first time they went out - Ada, Mina, Judy and myself. It was enjoyable although don't expect a very substantial workout. I will certainly volunteer again. I do agree that it is the best source for recruiting team members, after all most of us started that way. Thanks for offering to organize this, how should we volunteer, would you maintain a sign up sheet?

3:18 PM, May 27, 2004  
Blogger chuck said...

I will bring a sign-up sheet on Saturday. People also can e-mail me days when they are available (Tuesdays through July 23), and I will enter their names on the sheet. I can post the sheet in the blog weekly.

3:49 PM, May 27, 2004  
Blogger Chris said...

I will be happy to volunteer - great idea!

4:22 PM, May 27, 2004  
Blogger KathiRD said...

Count me in! I'll sign up on Saturday--maybe while Bob is enjoying his BIG LINCOLN!!

6:37 PM, May 27, 2004  
Blogger Lori M said...

I would be happy to volunteer. I can't do it June 1 or 8. Otherwise, I should be able to help out. Sign me up, Chuck.

7:12 AM, May 28, 2004  
Blogger laurie b said...

Count me in--I'm overscheduled but what else is new--I should be able to do one a month. LB

7:42 AM, May 28, 2004  

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